Ways to keep moving this very warm June: get out early (or late), indoor equipment, online workouts, restorative, water, or mind-body classes. Be creative. Stay hydrated. Eat clean. And high-five those amazing dads this month! Enjoy!!

Researchers have believed that menstruation alters performance but what are the real effects of the menstrual cycle on endurance performance?

Plant-based milks' popularity is on the rise, each with distinct nutritional compositions; however, research suggests that certain options may better fulfill specific nutrient requirements for concerned consumers.

When it comes to virtual fitness, a significant takeaway for participants is that technology-enabled training can offer much more than physical improvements.

Savor the antioxidant-rich pistachios in this Nutty Quinoa Kale Tabbouleh recipe, backed by research showcasing their high antioxidant content, making for a flavorful and nutritious dish.

Fitness consumers are motivated to exercise to promote a long and healthy life, and also seek low-intensity training and restorative options.