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Patient and very encouraging, she has customized exercise sessions for me for each visit, targeting weak areas, stretching tights spots, and increasing my capacity to the max! Dawn even customized a regimen while I was on vacation--sending me positive texts and offering incentives. Very capable and astute at finding and stretching out weak muscles, she goes down to the basics and always gets a full workout, even without machines, combining my own weight and balance to ensure a fully toned and strong body.

- Candice Fleming MD

I have been working with Dawn for over six months. She has been instrumental in supporting my training objectives. In addition to being knowledgeable about form and technique, she creates a personalised workout which she modifies as needed during the session. In addition, she addresses other aspects of self-care, including nutrition

- Shahida Malik MD

Training with Dawn has been a very rewarding experience! She is very tuned in to what I needed personally to create a successful pattern for a new and healthier me! I loved that she was knowledgable, upbeat, flexible and generally always looking for that specific way to make my session overall advantageous to my growth. You can just tell that she loves what she does and her enthusiasm and dedication are contagious. Fitness/exercise and food choices have been my weakness, in the past. Dawn has helped me, tremendously, to take a serious look at an overall picture of the benefits of making positive choices. This has helped me to stay focused and committed to being the best ME possible. Thanks Dawn for all that you do, I appreciate YOU and your expertise and personal commitment to my goals.

- Barb Rotundo

Dawn is a wonderful trainer! She was accommodating to my goals and schedule, and helped me integrate increased physical activity into my life. Her workouts are tailored to your abilities and preferences in activity, and I really loved how she would send me encouraging texts to check up on me in between sessions.

- Bridget Driessen

Dawn is awesome! Dawn's workout are tailored to my needs, and she's always been flexible with both in person, and on line training from a distance. She really listens to my goals and cares for my overall health and well being.

- Charlie Puranik

I met Dawn about a year ago when I was planning a fishing trip to Alaska with my family and I wanted to be sure I was up for the task. From the first meeting I felt understood both from a physical and emotional level. We met weekly for four and half months, and I felt prepared and secure that I was up for the trip. By the way, it was a great success!
I had always wanted to have someone help me with physical training, but I must say this has been more than I could have asked for from the physical aspects, goal setting, ease of communication and being able to have a laugh along the way. Dawn is knowledgeable, encouraging and honest -- all things which are very helpful to keeping me on track. I would recommend her 100%.

- Christine Arneson

​Dawn is wonderful! She gets you moving and helps you find a routine that best fits your lifestyle. Dawn not only helps you find a routine, but also helps understand why those moves are important. She keeps you positive and continues to motivate you. I highly recommend Dawn!

- Hannah Koch