Caution Runners: slow down on the turn

Transitions have never been one of my superpowers. Honestly it’s not a skill set that shines brightly in our family. Whether it was a move, a graduation, a promotion, or starting a business, even in relationships, it has always been awkward stumble to a new season even seasons that had been eagerly anticipated. Similarly with our kids, any crash-and-burn moments of their growing up years always happened at a point of transition.

When running a race, the stride used on the long stretch is completely different from the stride you use to go around a turn. On the long stretch, every step looks like the one before it. This is when speed is the greatest and when you can see quite a ways ahead to plan for any obstacles or to just enjoy the scenery.

On the other hand, when a turn comes up, you can’t see quite as far ahead, the stride has to shorten, the speed decreases and every step looks different than the one before it until you get to that open road again. Trying to take a turn with an open road strategy will end up poorly.

That is how we used to handle transitions, expecting to move at the same pace and rhythm of the open road. Now, instead, we have permission to slow down on the turn, take steps that may each feel awkward and unrelated, and rest in the mystery of not being able to see far ahead.

Some twists and turns will be involved as you travel toward your destiny. You owe it to yourself and those around you to take those transitions at a slower pace, allow yourself space to make every step a little different, and enjoy the suspense of life experienced when you can’t see too far down the road. And, most of all, savor the journey at whatever pace you’re traveling! If you do stumble, it’s okay; just pick yourself up and begin again. That is actually one of my superpowers!

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Dawn Delahunty