A caution sign on the side of a road.

Caution Runners: slow down on the turn

A close up of the word ouch written in red ink.

Honor the Pain

Two hands reaching out to each other in a line of concrete buildings.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict…”

A close up of the side of an old fashioned typewriter.

Don’t you just love a great mystery?

A person laying on the ground with their head down.

The Joy of Test Taking…ugh

A young boy wearing a batman cape and mask.

Superhero or Survivor

A monopoly board with the train piece missing.

The ‘F’ Word

A close up of four leaf clovers

The Imperfection of Beauty

A sign that says " let 's be nicer to each other we 're all trying our best ".

“… things are different now.”

A person playing with blocks in front of a green wall.

Life Preserver for the Lonely